Pablo Bornstein was born and grew up in Madrid. He completed his BA in History at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and in the University of Bologna, in Italy. He also holds a MA degree in Middle Eastern Studies in TAU, and is currently writing a doctoral dissertation in History at the same institution. He has experience in tutoring Spanish as well as in editing and translating academic texts in that language. 

My name is Guillermo Anderson, I am from Venezuela and am currently studying Zoology at TAU. Spanish is my mother tongue.
I want to teach not only the basics but conversation, literature and even scientific Spanish, in a dynamic and fun environment.

Adrian completed his BA in Sociology at the University of Buenos Aires. He has an MA in International Relations, Torcuato Di Tella and an MA in Israel Studies from Haifa University. He is currently pursuing his doctoral studies in History at Tel Aviv University.


Ana Marques

Ana Marques was born in the north of Portugal. She studied in the University of Porto, where she did a BA in Portuguese and English Languages and Literatures, an MA in Brazilian Studies and a Ph.D. in Romance Cultures and Literatures, specializing in Portuguese Literature. She worked as a Portuguese teacher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for four years before coming to Tel Aviv University.

Elka has been a French language teacher in the Division of Foreign Languages at Tel Aviv University for many years. She was born in Amsterdam and after high school studied in Brussels, Belgium at the School of Translators and Interpreters. She has worked as a conference interpreter, and more recently as a literary translator from German and French into Dutch.

Ilan Rubin received his B.A. in Arabic and Hebrew Language from Tel Aviv University, and his M.A. in Arabic from Bar Ilan University.

He began teaching Arabic at Tel Aviv University  in 1993 at the Middle Eastern History Department , and in 2015 at MAMES  Program.

For five years he worked as a supervisor of Arabic teaching in Ministry of Education.


Dr. Rachele Hassan studied Law at La Sapienza University of Rome (graduated cum laude 2005) and completed her PhD in History and Comparative Law, at Roma Tre University of Rome and Uned University of Madrid (2010), with a thesis on Law and Poetry. Her field of research is Roman Law, History of Law, Latin Literature and Ancient Society.

She is a postdoctoral fellow at Bar-Ilan University, Faculty of Law, and teaches Italian language at the Open University of Israel. In 2015, she received a post-doctoral scholarship at the Faculty of Law of Tel Aviv University, where she was previously awarded a postdoctoral scholarship in Classical Studies (2012-2014). In 2013 she won the Dan David Prize for Young Researchers, in the field of Past-Classics: The Modern Legacy of the Ancient World.