Meggie Kaplan teaches English at Tel Aviv University in the Division of Languages. She holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in expressive art therapies.  A multilingual fluent in English, French, Hebrew and Turkish, she has a combined experience of 20 years in teaching languages at different Israeli universities and translating material related to the geopolitics of the Middle East for the US government.  She has a vast array of interests including music, plastic and fiber arts, antiques, education and more.  

Rebecca Levie holds a BA and MA in English Literature from Bar Ilan University, and a PGCE in Education from the Institute of Education, University of London.  She has been teaching EAP at different institutions in Israel since 2007, including The Open University and The Interdisciplinary Center in Herzeliya.  Rebecca believes that studying EAP empowers individuals to connect globally, and she values her ability to contribute to her students' confidence and success to do so.  


Lisa Amdur holds a doctoral degree from the School of Education at Tel Aviv University. She specialized in language testing and assessment. Lisa also holds certification in remedial teaching for elementary and secondary schools, and in English teaching for all levels. Lisa has worked as a homeroom teacher and English teacher at all levels of school, from first grade through junior high and high school. She currently teaches English for Academic Purposes and business writing in tertiary education.

Aviva Soesman holds a BA in English Linguistics and General History from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem; an MA in TEFL from Tel Aviv University; and a PhD in English Linguistics from Bar Ilan University. She has taught English for Academic Purposes (EAP) in the Division of Foreign Languages at Tel Aviv University since 1992. She also has experience teaching EAP, Business English and Legal English in other institutions of higher education. A multilingual with knowledge of Dutch, English, Hebrew, German, French, Russian and more, she has taught students from numerous linguistic backgrounds. She has researched codeswitching (the use of two or more languages within or between sentences) and has lectured on the topic in Israel and abroad.

Hadas Marcus graduated with an M.A. in Comparative Literature from UCLA in 1981.  She has been an EAP instructor (English for Academic Purposes) in the Division of Foreign Languages at Tel Aviv University since the early 80s and she also teaches at Oranim College of Education. She focuses mainly on literature/art/cinema of the environment (ecocriticism), animal rights, environmental studies and social justice.  She is an Associate Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, and a frequent speaker at international conferences who publishes in academic journals.

Claudia Silbenberg has an M.A. in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) from Tel Aviv University. Claudia has worked as an English teacher in the Department of Languages at Tel Aviv University and at the Academic College of Teal Aviv-Yaffo for more than 20 years. She gave lectures in Israel and abroad on subjects connected to teaching the Y generation and teaching deaf/hard of hearing students. She currently teaches English to deaf/hard of hearing students at Tel Aviv University.

Jennifer Fraser is a fifth year PhD student studying the history of medicine. Her dissertation explores the history of cancer epidemiology, focusing particularly on how ideas about Arctic cancer incidence were constructed by physicians and government officials during the twentieth century. She is originally from Toronto, Ontario, where she earned her MA from the University of Toronto's Institute for the History and Philosophy in Science and Technology. For the past two years she has worked at the University of Toronto’s Graduate Centre for Academic Communication where she provided writing instruction and grant proposal feedback to graduate students in the humanities and health professions. Her work has been published in numerous professional journals.
Oscar Perez was born in El Salvador and grew up in the United States. He received his BA in Linguistics and Jewish Studies and is currently a student in the MA TESOL program at Tel Aviv University. He has tutored students in English and hopes to use his knowledge of languages to support those who would like to practice and gain feedback on their speaking or writing skills.

Samuel Blank is a culturally curious young educator committed to helping others succeed. Originally from Baltimore, USA, he is a graduate student studying TESOL at Tel Aviv University. Samuel’s undergraduate degree is in English and French World Languages and Cultures from The Sorbonne in Paris. At the crossroads of American, French, and Israeli cultures, he has worked with a very diverse student body. Samuel is determined to help you succeed within the realm of world languages and showcase your best self.