Lisa Amdur holds a doctoral degree from the School of Education at Tel Aviv University. She specialized in language testing and assessment. Lisa also holds certification in remedial teaching for elementary and secondary schools, and in English teaching for all levels. Lisa has worked as a homeroom teacher and English teacher at all levels of school, from first grade through junior high and high school. She currently teaches English for Academic Purposes and business writing in tertiary education.

Aviva Soesman holds a BA in English Linguistics and General History from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem; an MA in TEFL from Tel Aviv University; and a PhD in English Linguistics from Bar Ilan University. She has taught English for Academic Purposes (EAP) in the Division of Foreign Languages at Tel Aviv University since 1992. She also has experience teaching EAP, Business English and Legal English in other institutions of higher education. A multilingual with knowledge of Dutch, English, Hebrew, German, French, Russian and more, she has taught students from numerous linguistic backgrounds. She has researched codeswitching (the use of two or more languages within or between sentences) and has lectured on the topic in Israel and abroad.

Hadas Marcus graduated with an M.A. in Comparative Literature from UCLA in 1981.  She has been an EAP instructor (English for Academic Purposes) in the Division of Foreign Languages at Tel Aviv University since the early 80s and she also teaches at Oranim College of Education. She focuses mainly on literature/art/cinema of the environment (ecocriticism), animal rights, environmental studies and social justice.  She is an Associate Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, and a frequent speaker at international conferences who publishes in academic journals.

Claudia Silbenberg has an M.A. in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) from Tel Aviv University. Claudia has worked as an English teacher in the Department of Languages at Tel Aviv University and at the Academic College of Teal Aviv-Yaffo for more than 20 years. She gave lectures in Israel and abroad on subjects connected to teaching the Y generation and teaching deaf/hard of hearing students. She currently teaches English to deaf/hard of hearing students at Tel Aviv University.

Emily is currently working towards her MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at Tel Aviv University. She is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada where she earned her BS in Secondary Education and British Literature. She is a licensed teacher in the state of California and has taught various levels of English for 3 years including English as Second Language to adults, high school students, and young children. She specializes in the writing process for academic essays as well as grammar, presentation skills, and conversational English. Her goal is to help people feel comfortable with and enjoy English on both an academic and personal level.
Hello, my name is Mateo Brady and I am a MA TESOL student at Tel Aviv University. I was born and raised in Southern California and graduated from San Diego State University in 2011. I have been working as an ESL instructor for since 2012, when I took my first teaching job in Samara, Costa Rica. Since then, I have had the pleasure of teaching and tutoring in Australia, Cambodia, as well as the United States. I am very passionate about languages and foreign culture- which is why I have decided to obtain my Master's degree in the field of ESL education. In addition to English, I speak Spanish and Khmer and am currently studying Hebrew while here in Israel. I look forward to meeting and working with you all. 

Ramses is a current student of the Master’s Program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in Tel Aviv University. Before doing his Master’s, he attended the University of California, Los Angeles, where he did his Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics.

He was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to the United States at the age of 18. He loves learning new languages and cultures. Aside from English, he also speaks his mother tongue Tagalog (Filipino), Spanish, and Hebrew. 
What Ramses wants to ultimately do is to be able to make communication possible across individuals of different backgrounds, and that is why he chose to be an English teacher. He likes seeing students reap the benefits of their the hard work by being able to learn a new language and being efficient in communicating with it. Besides being a student at TAU and an English tutor in CLE, he also works as an intern in the Schoolhouse, a school for refugees in South Tel Aviv where basic English and computer skills are taught.