Lisa Amdur holds a doctoral degree from the School of Education at Tel Aviv University. She specialized in language testing and assessment. Lisa also holds certification in remedial teaching for elementary and secondary schools, and in English teaching for all levels. Lisa has worked as a homeroom teacher and English teacher at all levels of school, from first grade through junior high and high school. She currently teaches English for Academic Purposes and business writing in tertiary education.

Sharone Kravez received her MA degree from Tel-Aviv University majoring in Teaching English as a Second language (TESOL). Sharone spent four years teaching business English in Tokyo. She currently teaches English courses at Tel-Aviv University and tutors in CLE.

Hadas Marcus graduated with an M.A. in Comparative Literature from UCLA in 1981.  She has been an EAP instructor (English for Academic Purposes) in the Division of Foreign Languages at Tel Aviv University since the early 80s and she also teaches at Oranim College of Education. She focuses mainly on literature/art/cinema of the environment (ecocriticism), animal rights, environmental studies and social justice.  She is an Associate Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, and a frequent speaker at international conferences who publishes in academic journals.

Claudia Silbenberg has an M.A. in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) from Tel Aviv University. Claudia has worked as an English teacher in the Department of Languages at Tel Aviv University and at the Academic College of Teal Aviv-Yaffo for more than 20 years. She gave lecturers in Israel and abroad on subjects connected to teaching the Y generation and teaching deaf/hard of hearing students. She currently teaches English to deaf/hard of hearing students at Tel Aviv University.

Mary Nakamura

Mary is currently working towards her MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at Tel Aviv University. She grew up in a small town in Michigan, but moved to Chicago where she taught English to adult immigrants and refugees for almost four years. She loves traveling, and has taught English at various levels in Israel, Hungary, and as an online tutor for business English students from all over the world. 

Her main goals are to empower students with the skills they need to further reach their goals both personally and professionally. She enjoys getting to know students and creating a learning atmosphere that is both fun and specific to student needs.

Tess Asher
Tess is currently completing her MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at Tel Aviv University, after having immigrated to Israel from Toronto, Canada this year. She received her Bachelor Honors degree from the University of Toronto with a major in English and minors in History and Jewish Studies. She has taught a variety of ages, having worked in a youth movement for 5 years. Often tutoring and editing her friends' English essays, Tess has developed a sharp eye for grammar and is excited to apply this to her tutoring in CLE. Her main goals with students are to help them identify and work on their weak points, such as improving their writing, self-editing, speaking and presentation skills. She enjoys alternative education methods and is open to including these in sessions to make learning and developing your English skills more engaging and fun.